Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a proven funding method for assets such as:

  • Heavy Goods Vehicles
  • Trailers and Tankers
  • Cars & vans
  • Yellow Plant
  • Construction equipment
  • Buses & Coaches
  • Print Equipment
  • Engineering equipment
  • Mobile Cranes

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance covers a variety of lending and payments solutions commonly tied to physical assets, whether this be a fleet of trucks, plant machinery, or computer hardware.

It can refer to hire purchase arrangements whereby payments are spread according to fixed or percentage-based instalments, but also operating leases and finance leases. Operating leases guarantee the residual value of leased assets, reducing the cost of repayments compared with a traditional loan-based finance product and removing the risk of changes in the future value from the user.

This brings important benefits of fixed, known costs which optimise cash flow and allow for easier budgeting. Asset financing can also be a convenient method of quickly raising cash via sale-and-lease-back arrangements.