Recent research carried out by experts at RAC Business has highlighted how much firms are prepared to pay for using cars to boost their corporate image.

The work has shown that many managers are prepared to pay over £100 for short-term car use to promote the brand of their organisation. RAC Business has maintained that long-term leasing has the potential to make financial sense for outfits that have sustained reputation requirements.

More than 1,000 small businesses have participated in the research in question. The study has discovered that male executives were more likely to use a car for image enhancing purposes than their female counterparts were. It has also shown that young entrepreneurs were more open to the idea than their older competitors were.

RAC Business has indicated that making prudent vehicle choices can limit the likelihood of breakdowns or urgent services. Further, it has been pointed out that the avoidance of motoring mishaps can facilitate those enterprises that want to prioritise the making of a positive impression with their clients.

The study has underlined the fact that there are regional differences in business car use within the UK. About two thirds of respondents in the capital maintained that they would consider using car hire for important meetings. In contrast, in the South West, the serious contemplation of the use of car leasing or car hire was not engaged in nearly so often.

At DJB, we advise business owners to look carefully at their options when it comes to buying or leasing vehicles, as considerable savings can be achieved by making the right choice.

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