A recent survey carried out by Lombard shows that the UK’s SMEs are growing in confidence and are, once again, ready to invest.

Last year, the amount that participants in the survey invested was up by 20% when compared to 2013. Nearly half, 48% of the SMEs who responded to the survey said that they planned to invest during 2015. Many of the participants however, wanted more information about the different funding options before doing so.

Many of the firms that took part, 48% to be exact, stated that they used more than one form of funding. The borrowing solution that they used depended partly on why they needed to borrow.

Asset financing was particularly popular, with 52% having used the service at least once. A third of those who had borrowed in that way in the past said that they would consider using it again. Respondents believe that there are several advantages to using this alternative form of funding.

For most, the main advantage is that this funding vehicle can be used as a way to solve business cash flow issues, and 46% saw this as an advantage. The fact that it is easy to spread payments also appealed, 42% of those asked stated that this was an advantage of asset based lending.

DJB offers several ways for firms to release funds from the assets that they own. We also specialise in finance leasing, operating leases and hire purchase solutions. To find out more, and get help to raise the funds that you need to grow your business please get in touch.

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