Motivair Compressors has recently signed a new three-year contract with the hire specialist Agility Fleet.

By doing so, the firm has been able to add 30 new vans to its vehicle pool.

The new contract is expected to save Motivair, which provides compressed air management and offers a 24/7 service, £150,000 or more over the course of the contract. The company’s team of service engineers will use the new Peugeot Expert vans to serve the entire UK.

Keith Townsend, the managing director of Agility Fleet, said of the deal:

“The corporate fleet market has never been so complex. Directors have to balance the demands of their environmental policies and cost base with the need for flexibility and a service which is ‘admin-light’. We are delighted we were able to achieve this perfect blend for Motivair.”

For Motivair, replacing their entire fleet of vans was a big step. However, it was claimed that the firm chose Agility Fleet because the contract terms it offers are flexible. It also enables Motivair to make significant savings on its fleet overheads, without having an adverse impact on customer service.

The fleet carries the firm’s branding, with Chris Rhodes, the managing director of Motivair, adding that it “looks great” on the new vans.

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