Companies that take advantage of better data and more flexible fleet contracts are saving up to 23% on overall running costs.

Leasing firms are now providing their customers with more information, which is helping them to manage their drivers and fleet more effectively. David Gladding, the sales director for Chevin Fleet Solutions, explained:

“In a very real sense, drivers in some fleets are the last uncontrolled fleet variable, and looking at the data available about them and the way in which their behaviour affects everything from accident rates to residuals values can be very beneficial.”

He also noted that companies were benefiting greatly from the fact that many leasing firms now offer more flexible replacement cycles. This allows companies to better match the rate at which they replace their vehicles with the actual needs of their businesses. As such, companies that experience rapid growth can replace their fleet faster, should they need to, and those that use their vehicles less than anticipated can keep them for longer.

Data such as miles covered, wear and tear, or maintenance figures can all be used to determine well in advance whether a vehicle needs replacing earlier than originally planned. Access to this information also reduces vehicle failures, which could lead to a company letting its customers down.

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